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Show off your carnival rides with color. Made of shatterproof Lexan our fluorescent tube protectors come in 8 decorative colors, and clear, available in 4Ft. and 8FT. lengths and can be cut to size, complete with end caps.

Fluorescent Light Tube Protectors

Royal Blue
Tube Guard

Royal Blue TubeGuard

Tube Guard

Dark Blue TubeGuard

Tube Guard

Red TubeGuard

Hot Pink
Tube Guard

Hot Pink TubeGuard

Tube Guard

Purple TubeGuard

Tube Guard

Bug Yellow TubeGuard

Tube Guard

Green TubeGuard

Tube Guard

Amber TubeGuard

Tube Guard

TubeGuards provide superior protection against broken glass and phosphor dust from contaminating products and injuring people while making the cleanup much easier and safer. Tubeguards are often seen at Carnivals, Amusement Parks, in Restaurants, on top of Aquariums, food coolers, and freezers.

Polycarbonate resin also known as Lexan is the same material used to make bullet proof glass. This is the material that makes our fluorescent Tubeguards virtually indestructible.

  • Tubeguards are available in a variety of colors including Blue, Royal Blue, Red, Hot Pink, Purple, Yellow, Green, Amber, Clear, and even custom colors can be ordered.

  • Tubeguards can be cut to fit any T-12 fluorescent lamp up to eight feet in length.

  • Tubeguards are FDA, OSHA, and USDA Approved.

  • Tubeguards are shatterproof.

  • Tubeguards come complete with clear, white or black end caps.

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